MHQ Volunteers 2022

Defining volunteer roles, keeping the tasks for each simple and easy enough that we can get volunteers for them; assuming that our members would like to volunteer if they can contribute in small increments consistent with busy lifestyles.

VolunteerNameAddressCityPhoneE-mailDaySiteSchedule 11:30-1:304:30-6:30
RoleMHQ Event Scheduler
DescriptionMHQScheduler maintains the schedule of MHQEvents.
Needs- Spreadsheet capability
- Access to a spreadsheet application
- Access to the internet
Working Scenario- Recruiter sends MHQ Pilot info to scheduler
- MHQEvent Scheduler:
- Opens MHQSchedule spreadsheet
- Updates MHQSchedule
- Sends updated spreadsheet to Webmaster
DescriptionThe dispatcher verifies MHQPilots are ready to rock and roll
NeedsAvailability time
Working ScenarioFor each Pilot/MHQEvent scheduled for the following day

- Calls Pilot
- Verifies the Pilot is ready to go
- Has site coordinates and knows how to get there and where to park – Site Map
- Has MHQKit location
- Knows time to operate
- Reminds Pilot to review the MHQGuide
- Answers any questions
- Reminds Pilot to repack the MHQKit and return it to the Kit Host
- Reminds pilot to fill out Experience Report
RoleMHQ Pilot
DescriptionDeploys MHQ
NeedsVehicle sufficient to hold MHQKit
2 hours at MHQ Site after setup
Working Scenario- Pick up the MHQ-Kit at the location for your area
- Drive to the designated location
- Set up the MHQ using the MHQ-KIT contents
- Hand out collateral, collect donations, enroll new IMDC members, register voters, answer questions, engage voters
- Close up the MHQ - repackage the MHQ-KIT and return it to the pick-up location
- Fill in the Experience Report, noting gas cost and a brief description of the experience - comments, suggestions.
Christine Boyd2211 Road ERedwood
Eileen Mitro3780 King Ranch
Helen Sizemore989 N. Oak
Jerry Karp13400 Ornbaun
Kayla Meadows6920 Ridgewood
Mari Rodin418 Oak Park
Scott Miller408 W. Mill
Susan Hartley777 Live Oak
Wendy DeWitt2910 Mill Creek
RoleMedia Coordinator
DescriptionCoordinates with MHQ Event Scheduler and Recruitment Coordinator to assure the Posters receive event updates
Working Scenario
DescriptionProvides PSA Templates for PR outlets
Working Scenario- writes an event template for each of the event posting types and/or specific sites
- sets up social media clones on web site for appropriate sites as necessary MC, IM, Web, FB
- Sets up newsprint and radio templates on website for download
RoleFacebook PosterErin Gardener
DescriptionFacebook Poster posts schedule updates to IMDCFacebook page.
Needs- Facebook admin permission
- Facebook account
- Ability to post events on FB
Working ScenarioMedia Coordinator sends update notice to FBPoster via e-mail
- signs into FB
- clones FB MHQEvent
- posts event to FB
- sends acknowledgment to Media Coordinator
RoleMail Chimp PosterJennis Hartley (???)PO Box
DescriptionMailChimpPoster sends (weekly) updates of the MHQSchedule to IMDCMail subscribers
Needs- Mail Chimp userid, password an security question key
- Knowledge of how to launch a Mail Chimp Campaign
Working ScenarioMedia Coordinator sends Mail Chimp update to MCPoster
- Signs into Mail Chimp
- Clones the MCMHQ Template
- Updates the template with MHQSchedule info
- Sends the email to entire mail list subscribers
- Send acknowledgement to Media Coordinator
RoleIM BroadcasterFred
DescriptionUses website IM tool to broadcast MHQ Events
Working Scenario
RoleWebsite Event posterFred
DescriptionUpdates web site calendar with MHQ Events
Working Scenario
RoleNewsprint PSA Poster
DescriptionDelivers MHQ Event PSA to local newspapers
Working Scenario
RoleRadio PSA Poster
DescriptionDelivers MHQ Event PSA to local radio stations
Working Scenario
RoleRecruit Coordinator
DescriptionTracks recruitment using this spreadsheet
Needs- Spreadsheet capability
- Access to a spreadsheet application
- Access to the internet
Working Scenario
DescriptionCalls members to sign up for tasks in this spreadsheet
Needs- Spreadsheet capability
- Access to a spreadsheet application
- Access to the internet
Working Scenario
RoleKIT Builder
DescriptionAssemble, test and verify the MHQ Kits
Needs- MHQ Kit components
- Garage-size space for assembly
- Appropriate packaging - bags & boxes as needed
Working Scenario- Obtain BoM from MHQ Kit 2022
- Purchase/gather MHQ Kit materials per BoM
- Assemble Kits
- Assemble refresh kits
- Test
- Put Kit in a vehicle
- Remove Kit and set up
- Re-pack Kt
- Note issues, and adjust Kit packaging as needed
RoleKIT Host
DescriptionMHQ Pickup site
Needs- Safe, protected, accessible site 4'x4'x4'
- Storage space for refresh material
Working Scenario- Receive/store MHQ Kit
- Receive/store refresh material
- After each use, refresh material
Working Scenario
Working Scenario
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