MHQ Manage PR Specification

MHQ Public Relations

MHQ success will rely on a robust PR campaign. The following document identifies the PR players, their roles and the tasks we expect them to perform. The roles are fairly narrow and limited to a few basic tasks.

(See: For recruitment)

MHQ Event PR Postings

  • Facebook
  • Mailchimp
  • Newsprint
  • Radio
  • Instant Messaging

MHQ Event Posters

Posters will be responsible for making sure events are posted to their respective targets as soon as possible after being notified of event updates.
Legacy Media posters also will be requested to find appropriate outlets, and the details necessary to post to them. Which newspapers, PSA constraints such as deadlines, costs, contacts – that is whatever is necessary to complete a posting.
Social Media posters have to be able to post on their respective sites. Webmaster tasks are a bit more technical, but we can train volunteers, and the template/clone strategy limits the complexity to a few steps.
In general, we expect the postings to be once each week – probably on a specific day (Sunday??? TBD). Posting events should take less than an hour. Probably much less, once a person does it once or twice. We will begin on Labor day and up to election day. At most 10 weeks, we should ask for a commitment for at least 10 postings – perhaps more if we are doing site specific postings.


    • Access to computer and internet
    • Ability to log into and other web sites
    • Receives event posting update notice from Media Scheduler via Poster mail list

Legacy Media Newsprint & Radio


    • Contact info
    • Where to send
    • Deadlines
    • Cost
    • Message size and constraints

Radio and newsprint

  • has access to target media outlet
  • when receives event posting update notice from Media Scheduler
  • contact media outlet
  • schedule PSA or news story
  • if invoice, record invoice and delegate to treasurer (Scott Miller)

Social Media Facebook, Mailchimp, IM


user id and password and answers to security question

Facebook Poster

  • has permission to post events
  • when receives event posting update notice from Media Scheduler
  • sign on to FB
  • clone event
  • update date, time, places
  • post event to FB

Web Master

  • has permission to post to Website. Event and IM template docs exists
  • when receives event posting update notice from Media Scheduler
  • Website Event
  • Clones Event template from Doc system
  • updates – date, time, place
  • uses editor to update text, graphics
  • publishes event


  • Clones IM template from Doc system
  • updates– date, time, place
  • uses editor to update text
  • use Instant Messaging app on web site to broadcast IMs


  • has security question keys
  • baseline campaign for each site exists
  • when receives event posting update notice from Media Scheduler create/clone event campaign for each event site to be sent
  • edit text date, time, place, graphics
  • send email


  • writes an event template for each of the event posting types and/or specific sites
  • sets up social media clones on web site for appropriate sites as necessary MC, IM, Web, FB
  • Sets up newsprint and radio templates on website for download

Media Scheduler

The Media Scheduler will make sure each poster receives notification of schedule updates, and a request to post to their respective outlet at least once a week for the 10 week campaign.

Each week (or whenever???)

  • receives update notice from site scheduler – or accesses site schedule from website every week (TBD)
  • downloads newsprint and radio templates from website
  • access to Get updated Site Schedule from
  • updates legacy media events with current data
  • sends updated legacy media events to legacy media posters’ mail lists
  • sends clone data to social media posters’ mail list


We need to recruit the following. Use the above to focus in on the exact tasks we are asking volunteers to perform.

  • Media Scheduler
  • Wordsmith – Phyllis Mervine
  • FB poster
  • Mail Chimp Poster
  • IM Broadcaster - Fred
  • Website Event poster - Fred
  • Newsprint PSA Poster
  • Radio PSA Poster


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