IMDC Speakers 07-23

Join the IMDC and Betty Yee looking ahead to the 2024 campaign – how to win seats  and activate grassroots voters. Come back 08/05, video being uploaded

IMDC Speakers 05-23

The role of law enforcement in working with social services, community organizations and leaders to assist people experiencing homelessness to obtain shelter, food and health services

IMDC Speakers 04-23

Mendocino Water in 2023 Water issues in 2023 – Drought/Flood are we ready? Water in Mendocino 2023

IMDC Speakers 03-23

Homelessness in Mendocino Who’s helping the homeless? Homelessness in Mendocino 2023

IMDC Speakers 02-23

State of Cannabis in Mendocino 2023 Civic Action Mendocino Cannabis 2023

IMDC Speakers 01-23

How do elections work in Mendocino Civic Action Registrar of Voters Talk – Katrina Bartlome

IMDC Speakers 09-22

Ukiah City Council Candidates’ Forum Campaign 2022

IMDC Speakers 08-22

Senator Mike McGuire California 2nd District State Senator

IMDC Speakers 06-21

We will host a Cannabis Forum to discuss the LAND USE DEVELOPMENT ORDINANCE being considered by the Board of Supervisors. U. C.  Berkeley Cannabis Center scientists Van  Butsic & Phoebe Parker-Shames will will share their research about how this crop effects land, water and wildlife. Henry’s Original – Joshua Keats and Flow Kana – Amanda Reiman will […]

IMDC Speakers 03-22

Michelle Hutchins & Nicole Glentzer – Candidates for Superintendent of Public Schools Chamise Cubbins – Candidate for the new office of Auditor-Controller/Treasurer-Tax Collector County Superintendent of Public Schools Candidate Forum