Elections Project Report

Leadership Development - Judy Popowski

MCDCC - Mendocino County Democratic Central Committee
The CC has several vacancies:

  • 1st 3 vacancies
  • 3rd 3 vacancies

Finding potential members, taking them to CC meetings, talking with them, finding out what their interests are, etc. and then convincing them that they can make a difference if they join the MCDCC.

City County Boards and Commissions (B&C)
Board/Commission Handbook

  • Determine openings on City/County Boards and Commissions determine current openings.
  • Interview agencies, commissions and boards to get descriptions of what the commissions and boards do - describe the functions and skills required and what kind of background is necessary.
  • Develop and publish a working handbook to help recruit and train potential volunteers for B&C positions

Recruit Train Seat B&C Positions

  • Prioritize filling positions in the city/county that would make the biggest difference to Democratic values. (JLW is SME for this)
    • The group who is working on the Measure B fulfillment is one of my top priorities.
      (We should have had that facility a long time ago.)
  • Choose highest priority B&C positions (1 or 5 or 10) and recruit from our MIGS list
  • Recruit IMDC members to fill vacancies on Boards and Commissions and other County Volunteer organizations such as the Co-Op.

Develop Recruitment Campaign (Communications)

  • Radio, Social Media, Newspaper and Poster campaigns
  • Feature: "you can help your community by serving in these positions"
  • Produce Recruitment events for persons who might be interested, as particular openings arise. Probably Zoom for now, but eventually we should be able to do more in-person.

Recruit, mentor, assist Democrats to run for elected office

  • Extend B&C Recruitment Campaign for elected offices
  • Train Candidates
    Coordinate with CC Leadership team - Val's training for persons who are running for office.
  • Support our Candidates
    When we have candidates to support for election, funding, arranging phone banking, canvassing, opportunities for the candidates to meet and greet, etc.

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