• Register Voters
  • Recruit for IMDC involvement
  • GOTV vote for endorsed candidates
  • Raise $ - do not SELL swag!


  • Volunteer time for MHQ
  • Pick up box (where?)
  • Familiarize yourself with candidates - why we support them (or not)
  • Encourage participation/involvement in other states (red to blue)
    • Got to OTHER RACES to find out how you can get involved
  • Local involvement- yard signs, precinct walk, host a candidate event, join IMDC and identify skill set if interested in helping



  • No arguing- choose to stay on task, be respectful with face to face conversation
  • Drive bus - smile and wave, ignore, give peace sign


What to do on your MHQ Day

  • Prior to picking up the KIT, you can read the guide and KIT contents which you can access at on line
  • You will be advised about where to pick up the KIT
  • Load the kit into your car along with your own chair(s) and table, and rocks to hold down the papers
  • An ironing board and chairs will be available if youdon't have a suitable chair or table
  • Drive to the assigned site and set up the materials on the table along with a donation canWe do not sell the swag but we encourae and accept donations
  • You can bring food and drink for yourself and feel free to leave the materials if you need a break, but be sure to pocket any
  • money before you leave and return it to the donation can when you return
  • You can stay while folks are paying attention to our literature and leave when it seems like the crowds are going away
  • Make sure you fill out your experience report to help use improve MHQ
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