2022 MHQ Proposal

Proposal for an Inland Mendocino County 2022 Mobile Democratic Campaign Headquarters

Term of Service
From Labor Day, 2022 through Election Day in November 2022 (approx 10 weeks)
Volunteers will donate their vehicles and labor from Labor Day, 2022 through Election Day in November 2022. The donation has no monetary value for volunteers’ labor with it being a non-professional service.

Insurance (TBD)
Sally will research the insurance requirements. I propose that each deployment of a Mobile Headquarters be billed as a separate event sponsored by MCDCC. Given that a vehicle will be involved, what riders will be necessary to existing MCDCC insurance policies to cover property damage and liability to cover the volunteers’ person and property, and any damages or liability exposure to the MCDCC?

There will be multiple vehicles and drivers over the course of the project, perhaps more than one at any given time.

This donation of time and vehicle use is made to the IMDC with prorated benefit to the MCDCC, the Huffman , the Wood , the McGuire , the Newsom , the Padilla campaigns and other candidate or issue campaigns authorized by the IMDC or MCDCC.

Availability (TBD)
Weekly schedule will be published depending on volunteer location and availability

The Mobile HQ will be featured in IMDC Monthly Newsletter from July-November.
The annual IMDC membership renewal letter will be mailed in July and, if approved, this Mobile HQ activity will be highlighted in the letter as a Club program for 2022.
The itinerary and announcements will be included in instant messaging, e-mail blasts, Facebook and on the website and PSAs as appropriate.

Campaign Sites
Campaign stops are expected to be selected and coordinated by the IMDC, the MCDCC, and the various campaigns.
Volunteers will make predetermined and arranged campaign stops in or around:

Kit 1

  • Willits
  • Covelo
  • Laytonville

Kit 2

  • Hopper’s Corner
  • Redwood Valley
  • Calpella

Kit 3

  • Ukiah 1
  • Ukiah 2
  • Talmage

Kit 4

Hopland Corner

Kit 5


Initially we expect to maintain at least 5 Mobile Headquarters Kits; each with a complement of authorized signage, campaign materials and headquarters furnishings and other collateral. MHQ-Kits will be deployed at 5 sites convenient for volunteers to pick up for use on their deployment day. Kits will be replenished after each deployment. The signs and related furnishings will be the IMDC's property.

Voter registrations, materials for club membership, materials for CADEM activities, materials for candidate Democrats that were endorsed by the IMDC and/or MCDCC, and any other materials approved by the MCDCC. IMDC volunteers will not distribute materials that are not so authorized.

Cost TBD

Each MHQ-Kit will include a magnetic sign with the IMDC and MCDCC logos. This expense is to be authorized up to $200 per sign. Signage size TBD.
Volunteers will be available to run errands, and to pick up and distribute campaign material.
Cost $1000. (Paid for by IMDC??? or 50-50 split IMDC/MCDCC???)

Sandwich board signs
We would need 5, but cost TBD? Maybe $100 each = $500???

Fuel Cost

  • We expect to offer to reimburse volunteers for gas expenses, but not mileage unless requested.
  • 11 Locations, 10 Week Campaign, 5 events for each site
  • Estimate 10 miles drive distance for each event
  • @ $0.50/mile
  • 550 miles

Budget $275.00 gas expense reimbursement

Budget Summary

  • Fuel Cost Reimbursement $275
  • Signage $1500
  • Campaign Material TBD
  • Wood, McGuire, Huffman, Padilla, Newsom, Haschak, other local candidates and propositions.
  • Insurance TBD – Sally

IMDC is prepared to Spend up to $3000 for this effort.

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