Chair Report 04-22

The Club What do we want the club to be? Discussion/redefine Networking – Be proactive. Establish personal contacts with people in: Civic groups SEIU & Labor Unions Political action groups Social groups Find out how to work with them to strengthen cooperation Elected Officials Invite them specifically to all events/forums They often have political groupies […]


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IMDCPlan Plan-03-20

Shortcodes UltimateIMDC Strategic Planning ProjectIMDC GoalsAll of our projects must be focused in attaining these goalsIssue: IMDC has had only a vague focus on its vision and mission resulting in poor membership participation and little credibility in the county.Goal: develop a comprehensive planning process, structure, and plans and leaders to execute the plans for identified […]

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Introduction Vision We are simply a small group of people with some shared ideals and beliefs in the context of Mendocino as a community, specifically concerning how this community can govern itself to the greatest benefit to the individual members of that community, and hence to the whole. Mission As a political party we seek […]


Inland Mendocino Democratic Club Strategic Planning Initiative Introduction Our club is uniquely positioned to rewrite narratives about major party politics and establish the Democratic presence in our community as capable and responsive. Strategic planning is the process whereby we determine who, what, when, where, why and how we bring the club to life. We also […]


Two-Year Strategic Plan Template Table of Contents Organizational Context 2 Our Values 2 Our Vision 2 Our Mission 2 S.W.O.T. Analysis 3 Local Context 4 Elected and Appointed Officials 4 Key Partnerships 4 Population Demographics 4 Voter Registration Analysis 4 Key Issues 4 Strategy & Tactics 5 Strategic Priorities – Goals 5 Tactics & Ownership […]


DATE: February 22, 2021 TIME: 7:30PM PLACE: Zoom Meeting Click Here Meeting ID 894 0277 5632  Passcode 304953 Call to order / Welcome Resources: Nat’l Dem Training Center – Strategic Planning ← Click here to see how planning is done This Week Intro to the Planning Process – Organizational Context: Shared Values   CADEM Platform […]