MHQ Volunteers Backup

Defining volunteer roles, keeping the tasks for each simple and easy enough that we can get volunteers for them; assuming that our members would like to volunteer if they can contribute in small increments consistent with busy lifestyles.     Volunteer Name Address City Phone E-mail Day Site 11:30-1:30 4:30-6:30 Role MHQ Pilot     […]

Candidates Forum 1 2022

Michelle Hutchins & Nicole Glentzer – Candidates for Superintendent of Public Schools Chamise Cubbins – Candidate for the new office of Auditor-Controller/Treasurer-Tax Collector

IMDC ExecMin-06-21

DATE: June 16, 2021 TIME: 5:00 PM PLACE: Zoom Meeting Click Here Meeting ID 894 0277 5632  Passcode 304953 Call to order / Welcome Revision and approval of agenda Business Phyllis sent the Climate Change Resolution to the City Councils of Willits,and Ukiah and to the Board of Supervisors. Cannabis forum Recall Voter registration, ID […]

Gov. Newsom Ousts Desalinization Critic from Water Board

Controversial Desalination Plant in California Azul today released a hard-hitting digital video advertisement calling out efforts by a water corporation’s controversial lobbyist to push for a massive oceanwater desalination plant in Orange County and recent decisions by Governor Newsom to promote the project. Azul is a grassroots organization working with Latinos to conserve marine resources. Founded in 2011 […]


Inland Mendocino Democratic Club Strategic Planning Initiative Introduction Our club is uniquely positioned to rewrite narratives about major party politics and establish the Democratic presence in our community as capable and responsive. Strategic planning is the process whereby we determine who, what, when, where, why and how we bring the club to life. We also […]


Leadership Development – Judy Popowski <> MCDCC – Mendocino County Democratic Central Committee The CC has several vacancies: 1st 3 vacancies 3rd 3 vacancies Finding potential members, taking them to CC meetings, talking with them, finding out what their interests are, etc. and then convincing them that they can make a difference if they join […]

Reason for Satisfaction

Katrina Bartolomie announced that voter participation in the 2020 Presidential election was slightly greater than 82%. This is greater than the 80% during Barack Obamas 2008 campaign. The MCDCC spent money and effort to drive up voter participation. I think we can take some credit for this success.

IMDC Mins 11-20

DATE: 11-20 TIME: 5:30 PM PLACE: Zoom Meeting Click Here Meeting ID 894 0277 5632  Passcode 304953 Call to order / Welcome 5:30 Minutes tabled to next meeting Chair’s Report Outstanding Mobile HQ effort – Joe raised more than $10,000 which we used to buy the 2020 Campaign collateral. A record number of yard signs […]