Campaign 2020 From Home

If Trump is re-elected and the Grand Oligarchy Party retains control of the Senate, our Democracy is lost. Four more years of the Grand Oligarchy Party in power will ensure that all power will be consolidated in the office of the President and the voting rigged to ensure continuing GOP power. The 2020 Election has only one goal: Save our Democarcy. Here's how you can engage in Campaign 2020

Board of Supervisors Election

Mari Rodin 2nd District Supervisor Candidate

I am going to be doing some traditional outreach to voters during this SIP period. Supporters who would like to help with writing/sending postcards to friends and acquaintances and making calls to voters, especially as we get closer to Fall should email me at I am also on the lookout for people with particular skills, e.g., video editing and fundraising.
Thank you again for reaching out.

Glenn McGourty 1st District Supervisor Candidate

Thanks for reaching out! I certainly support all of the Democrats in the 1st District who share so many of my values, especially those concerning taking care of our community and the wonderful environment that we live in. We are in a crisis that we will get through, but I believe that the well coordinated response that Mendocino County has launched for addressing our health during the COVID-19 Pandemic will also need to continue to address the health of our local economy following this disruptive event. If elected, I am certainly committed to addressing that, as I have experience working with the Mendocino County Overall Economic Development Plan that has been dropped for the past 8 years. It needs to be revived.and we need to have a BOS that makes our local economy an important priority coming out of this very damaging and unfortunate pandemic.

I welcome Democrats who want to support me in the upcoming election for 1st District Supervisor. I need help on many levels:

  • Publicly endorsing me as individuals
  • Sharing information about me and my campaign to your friends including potential contacts by phone and email
  • Informing me as to what is happening in your neighborhood and what concerns you have as the election nears
  • Contributing financial support, even small donations are really helpful
  • Putting up signs as we near the election (September 3rd on)

I can be reached by phone: (707) 468-8632
Stay well!

Maureen Mulheren 2nd District Supervisor Candidate

I'm looking forward to continuing the campaign to the November Election. I will be keeping everyone up to date on how they can help through my newsletters, please make sure you sign up for more information:
You can join me for a virtual coffee meeting every Thursday morning from 8a-9a @ Mo4Mendo on Facebook to share your thoughts about the community, Mendocino County and whatever else you have on your mind. In the meantime, please stay safe and healthy.
Take care of your friends and neighbors, with love, Mo
Maureen Mulheren, Mendocino County Second District Supervisor, Candidate
email 707-391-3664 direct cell
PO Box 1908, Ukiah, CA 95482 FPPC#1416408


Turn Frustration into Action

Blue Notes 2020 is a local initiative that sends personalized post cards to voters in key states and districts. We want to boost voter turnout and re-register voters who were illicitly purged from voting rolls. Indivisible Sonoma County is serving as a clearinghouse for info on key campaigns across the country. The breakthrough? We have made it easy, safe and effective to write these postcards from your own home.

How it works: Send an email to:

Provide your name, mailing address and the number of postcards you’d like to write (in multiples of 20). We will mail you a packet with postcards, address lists and instructions - FOR FREE. For a limited time, we’ll even provide the stamps! All you have to do is write the postcards according to the directions, stamp and mail them.
Post carding is not just therapeutic - it DOES work. Numerous studies show it gets people registered, increases voter turnout and helps win elections - particularly close ones. Every vote matters - it’s the way we’ll take our country back.

As the world seemingly melts down around us,
the best antidote for anxiety is action.
Let’s do this!

* * * * *


Find effective ways to help defeat Trump and the GOP in 2020.

You can make a difference in the elections that matter most.

Go to Swing Left for phone calling and texting events around the country. You can also follow a link to Vote Forward letter writing campaign.

We’ve teamed up with Vote Forward to write 10 million letters to turn out voters this year. Be a Big Sender—start writing today!



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In multiple randomized trials, voters who received a letter were significantly more likely to vote.

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