Mendocino and Mendonoma Democrats,

The fabulous Susan Nutter from Fort Bragg has come up with an ingenious idea to double your vote with an idea called DOUBLE YOUR VOTE! :) The idea is to adopt a non-voting Democrat or to register a new Democrat (I"d even settle for a NPP who will vote Democratic) in time for the fall election. It's a less overwhelming and less time consuming idea to get people to participate in order to win in November and in 2020. Let me tell you how it works. 

I actually did it yesterday with someone who I knew was not registered and whom had refused to get registered before. I nicely approached her and asked if I could help, if she was ready, to register her and she said yes! I had some registration forms with me (pick some up at the post office or Registrar's office). After we filled out the form,  she was VERY excited! I also committed to her that I would help her with information on what is the difference between the parties and what Democrats stand for. I plan on making a good list and be prepared when we sit down, soon, to have that conversation.

 Another big part of this is that I am committed to help her once the ballots come out to explain the measures and the candidates. It's a beautiful strategy to inform the uninformed and doesn't feel so overwhelming to me to take this on. I will make sure she casts that ballot and maybe treat her to dinner or lunch or to something special (sort of like being a sponsor). You can do this also for the non-voting or infrequent Democrat or NPP voter. 

I'd love to see each club adopt Susan's idea! We can present it to our members at our next membership meetings or any event that comes up where we can present it. Susan printed out some half page flyers that simply says "SAVE OUR DEMOCRACY. DOUBLE YOUR VOTE OR REGISTER A NEW DEMOCRAT! HHTP;??REGISTERTOVOTE.CA.GOV to give out to those who might want to do this. Susan suggests also to have some business card size cards made up with this on the front and our clubs' information on the back to encourage new memberships. 

I was going to present this at our Leadership "Ideas Summit" in Point Arena on the 25th but felt that if the clubs want to go ahead and run with it, use it at your August meetings, which will occur before the 25th.  I"ve already identified two more young folks who have agreed to let me help them to get registered!! Susan is a genius!!!! 

Hope to see you all on the 25th in PA!

Minutes 07/12/2018

Minutes 07/12/2018

Present: Tamar Kaye, Pres., Tony Melville, VP, Robin Sunbeam, Scty, Fred Mervine, MAL, Irma Turner, MAL, Judy Popowski, Liaison to CC., Douglas Conrad, Wendy Cram, Vergilia Dakin, Jorge DeCecco, Kat Ferrante, Mauri & Ed Fox, Sherry Glavich, Marcia Lindstedt, Jacquie Lolich, Ric Martin, Fred Mervine, Val Muchowski, Julia Orpheus, Steve Scalmanini, Ellie Shacter, Helen Sizemore, Nancy Skelly, Barbara Stanger, Sharron Thomas, Mikell VanPatten

  1. Introductions and announcements
    1. IMDC Climate Action Committee – Sharron Thomas
      1. Inspiring Film: “Tomorrow”
      2. July 21st, 2-4:30 pm at the Grace Hudson Museum
      3. Things we can do at the local level
    1. Report from Mikell VanPatten of Indivisible-Ukiah on the meeting at Senator Kamala Harris’ office staff
      1. Concerned about Kavenaugh as SCOTUS pick
      2. Stand-Up SF” has a monthly meeting with Harris on 2nd Wed
      3. Stand-Up SF” has a monthly meeting with Feinstein on the 27th 10-11am
      4. Met with June Williams, Harris Aide and Chris Cooney, Senior Advisor to Senator Harris
      5. 45 people showed up and almost cancelled the meeting
      6. Only the 15 pre-registered were allowed in
      7. Harris was very receptive
      8. Farm Bill, EPA, Immigration all go to Harris
      9. Wants IMDC to sign up with StandUp SF
      10. Stand-Up SF general meeting this Sunday 2-4pm @ Noe Valley Library
      11. The website has a script of exactly what to say about Kavenaugh when you call in
      12. Even Feinstein doesn’t like him but didn’t say she would vote against him
      13. All info is on the website
    1. Chon Travis is doing An Evening of Empowerment August 11 – potluck fundraiser
      1. Pass around a poster for feedback – location: Little Lake Grange
      2. Invite the Raging Grannies
      3. Invite Will Parrish to speak
      4. Any other suggestions?
      5. Feel Good Existential Auction – maybe 4 things like Love,
      6. We have a lot of work to do! Need volunteers! A success will raise morale
    1. Ric Martin – Recruiting for the Redwood Empire Fair, Ukiah 707-485-4564
      1. Aug 2 – 5, noon on Sat to 6pm in 2-hr shifts, and Sunday
      2. Sign up sheet, one page per day – Friday is already covered, need for Sunday
      3. Ric will do the evenings 6pm-9pm himself
      4. Will show a repeating loop of Dept of Agriculture History of Farmworkers showing on a monitor in the booth
    1. SF Mime Troupe performance – Steve Scalmanini
      1. July 19th in Todd Grove Park 6:30pm music begins
      2. The play is called Seeing Red and is about time travel
    1. Friday evening Peace Vigils from 5-6pm Fridays
    1. Val Muchowski –
      1. Candidate Workshop July 21 @ FB Senior Center 9:30 – 3pm
      2. Especially good for City Council or School Board
      3. Adriana Dakin VP of Fission Strategy using social media
      4. Includes lunch
      5. Katrina Bartolomie, Els Cooperrider, and more will be presenting
      6. Judy & John H. put together a list of all the people up for election in the next elections (see attached)
      7. Mendocino College Board Janet Chaniot is retiring from RV or PV dist
      8. Camille Shrader not running for re-election MCOE, PV dist
      9. Open seats are much easier than contesting an incumbent
      10. Tony is interested in running for College Board of Trustees but we need to ask Katrina what are the district lines – must live within the district lines
      11. Thanks for Val for all you do!
    1. Canvassing for the Healthy California Act – Jorge
      1. Sunday July 22
      2. Meet 10am at the Black Oak Coffee to get oriented and get assignments
      3. Then come back to debrief
    1. Medicare for All Statewide Activist Call – California with Bernie Sanders
      1. Wednesday, July 18, 6-7pm
      2. To register
  1. Chris Skyhawk had a hemorrhagic stroke
    1. Officially ended his campaign for Dist 5 Supervisor
    2. Caring Bridge for Chris Skyhawk
      1. Site Link: <>
    3. Need for healing now
    4. Also a gofundme campaign <>
    5. Passed a greetings card around for the IMDC to send the family
  1. Reaffirm Endorsement for 3rd & 5th Districts ( we are still waiting on final numbers )
    1. Officially support John Haschak – why do we need to vote for him again?
      1. Better to work for him than waste time endorsing him a 2nd time
    2. Discuss whether we should endorse Ted Williams. – Only if he asks for it.
    3. Invite Ted to the Labor Day Picnic
  1. Keeping Families Together discussion of ongoing actions and how we keep the doors of community open to families that need allies. 
    1. Action on June 30th – 200 -300 people showed up, sang De Colores
    2. Tamar spoke for the IMDC
    3. Jarred Huffman showed up
    4. We need to empower each other
    5. How do we engage into the Latino community?
    6. Sunday afternoon at the Redwood Empire Fair will be a lot of Latino families
    7. Did you hear about the Wal-Mart machete guy who threatened a Latino?
      1. Hard to prosecute a hate crime
      2. It is important for individuals to intervene when things like this happen
  1. SB-1088 regarding PG&E’s responsibility about the fires will be in the Assembly when they come back into session – NO ON SB-1088
    1. Now is the time to contact Jim Wood & Mike McGuire!
    2. Sharron Thomas said the October wildfires were a “perfect storm”
      1. PG&E should take some responsibility
      2. But the other cause is climate change
  1. 3 openings coming on the Ukiah City Council
    1. Dates to file to run for City Council are July 16 to August 10
    2. Mo Mulheren, Jim Brown & Kevin Doble are the contested seats
    3. Val is doing another candidate workshop July 21 in FB
    4. Let’s try to get minorities to run – Latinos
    5. Steve Scalmanini is lonely for progressives
    6. Its not just party affiliation that counts but rather what policies they support
  1. Summer for 1000 Victories fundraiser ideas.
    1. Need to fund 3 HQ’s FB, Willits & Ukiah.
    2. Each person do an event during July or August – invite your friends for walk in the woods, tea, music night, dinner,
    3. Checks must be made payable to the Mendocino County Democratic Central Committee, MCDCC – no cash! Only checks!
      1. Do something fun with your friends
      2. Fred Mervine is doing a food event at his house with Charlie Selzer for $50 per person.
      3. Tony is having a potluck music party this weekend – asking friends to write they are progressive in the check memo
    4. What are we doing to help turn the red and purple areas of our own state?
      1. The State party is running the Dems in those places – some won the primary and some lost
      2. Local clubs manage the work in the red and purple areas
      3. Wendy – Voter registration committee is looking into helping in Cong dist 22, Devin Nuñez (R), Tulare Visalia. Val will help Wendy
    5. Bastille Day
  1. Treasurer’s Report – from Joe
    1. $ 5472.10 in checking
    2. $ 2013.43 in the savings account
  1. Housing Committee – Fred Mervine reporting
    1. Did not meet
  1. Bylaws Committee – Joe isn’t here
  1. Voter Registration Committee
    1. Our chair, Lorna Maslenikof & Perri Kaller got permission to register people to vote all over Mendocino College, not just in the Free Speech Zones
    2. Looking into perhaps taking a trip to Congressional Dist 22 to register voters
    3. Will register voters July 19 both at the Costco opening and at the Mime Troup
    4. Eileen plans to register people at the Coyote Valley Convenience Store
    5. Wendy & Lorna will try FoodMaax again
    6. Plan to get a new list of registered Democrats who did not vote in the 2016 or subsequent elections for our survey. Judy will provide it once the database is updated from the last election.
    7. Got a new recruit – Julia Orpheus
  1. Recruit help looking for a storefront for our headquarters. Rent ~ $1000/mo.
    1. Nothing available!
    2. There is something affordable on Dora St but not visible to the general public
    3. Tony knows Asia of Awanya, the African Clothing store, which is closing. 328N.State – Tony can ask to take over her lease for a few months – Fred will FU
    4. Try again at KMEC – but we can’t put anything in the windows
    5. Look into a tiny place on school street ~800sf but too small for phone banking $500/mo near CFCU
  1. Fred, the Webmaster
    1. People can sign up for mailchimp updates on the IMDC website <>
  1. Rumor that a few days ago that the City Council received an invitation for a Costco “preview” Wednesday at 6pm. Mayor wants to delay the City Council meeting 90 mins so the City Council can attend the Costco preview.

Next meeting 5:30pm, Thursday, Aug 9 at the room behind the Yokayo Lounge at the bowling alley.

Agenda for June 14th, 2018

  1. Introductions and announcements
  2. Election results
  3. Committee Reports
    1. Housing Committee
      1. Committee report on homelessness
      2. Affordable housing issue preventing developers from building in Ukiah Valley
    2. Voter Registration
    3. Our Revolution phone banking
  4.  Measure Y.
  5. Recruit help looking for a storefront for our headquarters. Rent ~ $1000/mo.
  6. Report on the many fundraiser ideas
    1. Summer of 1000 Victories
    2. Aug 11 music at LLG
    3. Results of requests from the politicians

Minutes 05/10/2018

Minutes 05/10/2018

Present: Tamar Kaye, Pres., Tony Melville, VP, Judy Popowski, Treas., Robin Sunbeam, Scty, Chris Pugh, MAL, Larry Alexander, Peter Barrett, Katrina Bartolomie, Wendy Cram, Jorge DeCecco, Terry DeSelkie, Izzy Ferrante, Raul Garda, Marcia Lindstadt, Jim Mastin, Fred Mervine, Scott Miller, Nancy Skelly, Acorn Sunbeam, Steve Scalmanini, Susan Schrock, Helen Sizemore, Sharron Thomas, Paul Tichnin, Joe Wildman,

  1. Terry DeSelkie, President of the Teachers Union to talk
    1. School Board meeting is the same night
    2. 2nd year as union pres. Teaching 30 years
    3. Why hiring more administrators instead of more teachers
    4. Going tonight to the Board meeting all dressed in red, so has to leave early
    5. Teachers don’t feel valued
    6. Health benefits are the lowest
    7. Teachers need a 2nd income to survive
    8. Trying to attract and retain good teachers with such low salaries
    9. District will decide tonight to hire a Communications Director starting at $80,000 instead of hiring 2 teachers.
    10. They are no longer teacher friendly even though we helped them get elected.
    11. Terry is working on saving the school gardens program, the “ultimate scientific learning environment.” When the Board was re-evaluating the program, the community showed up en masse and the Board allowed each school to decide for themselves; only Pomolita pulled out.
    12. Administration used to be 7% of the budget; now it is 14% 9before they hire the new $80,000/yr communications director).
    13. Terry supports Tony Thermond for CA State School Superintendent of Schools, who is also endorsed by the CADems.
  1. Introductions and announcements
    1. Paul Tichnin – 3 ½ years ago, he retired as county Superintendent of Schools, and now spends a lot of time with his grandchild
      1. 38 year resident of Fort Bragg
      2. Mendo Superintendent of Schools for 5 terms, over 20 years
  • Supporting Bryan Barrett for County Superintendent
  1. He is the best individual and best person for the job; not volatile!
  2. Unions and Democrats usually march together. CTA union had a vote of no confidence for Michelle Hutchens
  3. After she worked in Eureka 2 years, they had a vote of no confidence in there also
  • Superintendent has to do financial oversight or a large budget, which is very complicated, and he doubts if Michelle could do that
  • Paul Tichnin urges a vote for Bryan Barrett
  1. Jim Mastin – Co-chair of the Democratic Central Committee
    1. Wants to roll out the new major fundraising effort for both CC and the clubs
    2. About 2 hrs ago, we found a technicality we need to clarify some campaign finance issues
  • We hope to be ready to start fundraising in about a week
  1. They will be at our executive meeting on Wed. to talk more about it
  1. Helen has envelopes to contribute to CADem.
    1. For $60, you get a 2018 bear pin
    2. The CADem supports the candidates having trouble raising their own funds
  2. Fred found office space on Church between School and State
    1. $287/mo
    2. 4 office suites
  3. Delaine Easton sent us a gift package
    1. There is a ton of buttons, stickers, fliers and signs
    2. She did great in the debates
  • Gavin Newsome was so slippery
  1. Raul Garda of SEIU – worker’s rights and empowerment
    1. A union is all about working together
    2. The SEIU now has lots of empowered women. We are all about Justice, and anti-racism
    3. Raul is an organizer for SEIU since 2015 to support IHSS workers.His job is to negotiate with Board of Supervisors.
    4. They are currently focusing on BoS elections. They endorse Chris Skyhawk for 5th District Supervisor.
    5. The SEIU endorses John Haschak for 3rd District Supervisor
    6. Need to defeat John Pinches who ignores union communications
    7. Raul is doing a tour to educate Mendo Supervisors re IHSS
    8. SEIU endorsed Gavin Newsom and Kevin DeLeon for Senate
    9. Tuesday the 15th is the 5th dist meet & greet at the Senior Center in FB 4pm
    10. Helped increase the minim wage
    11. The Silver Tsunami (Baby Boomers) is creating a huge need for IHSS workers. This is documented in a study from UC Berkeley about the care crisis in CA
    12. Next Governor has to manage the IHSS crisis on the horizon
    13. Change begins with participation in politics!
    14. Supreme Court is about to rule on Janus v. AFSCMEC which will decimate unions
    15. Other SCOTUS cases coming up also
    16. We need to work together to move progressive politics
    17. New program for union workers called “Democracy School” to learn about politics – how to win elections.
    18. They share a HQ with the SEIU local 2015, which represents county workers
    19. Raul wants a Democrat/Union combined picnic on May Day
    20. Tamar will F/U with John Haschak on his campaign schedule and tell Raul
    21. Jim Mastin wants to discuss the Labor Day picnic in September
  1. Appoint Joe Louis Wildman as our new Treasurer
    1. Judy moves that Joe be the new Treasurer, Helen 2nded
    2. Joe has Treasurer experience, waited, but no one else stepped up
    3. Joe audited the books and stated that Judy kept the books meticulously
    4. 18 in favor, no nay, Joe abstained
    5. Need to put Joe on the bank account
  1. Robin nominated Judy to be our Member At Large
    1. Wendy 2 20 in favor, no nays, Judy abstained
  1. Housing Committee – Fred Mervine reporting
    1. Met twice
    2. First decided on issues upon which to focus
    3. What is the Club going to represent? – Vision is formal housing for everyone
      1. Judy’s idea to interview the stakeholders and find out what they want
      2. Get a good idea of the housing agencies already involved
  • Affordable housing availability – inventory of housing of all kinds
  1. What do other communities do about it? Their solutions.
  2. Committee report on homelessness
  3. What are the issues and what are the restraints? What actions can we do as a club?
    1. We can get allies appointed to certain commissions
    2. Fred will send a report to Tamar
  4. Joe knows everything about government agencies but not so much about private agencies
  5. Judy will mail the report of the list of agencies to the membership
  6. Judy ran into Sarah Rice
    1. Sarah is talking about putting a human face on the homeless population
    2. She just got permission to do a series of 8 programs on the homeless starting in June after the KZYX pledge drive
    3. MCAVN is allowing interviews of homeless people starting tomorrow
    4. Tony knows homeless parents at Tree of Life Charter School and will ask them if they are willing to get interviewed
    5. Carrie Brigham (sack lunch program) will be helping with interviews
    6. Homelessness these days is like the historical dust bowl days
  1. Voter Registration Committee
    1. Will be pre-registering students at Ukiahi on Club Day May 25th
    2. Helen will help on Club Day
    3. Tamar will put out the word for more volunteers for Club Day
    4. May 21 is the deadline to register for the June 5th
    5. Katrina says that if they pre-register after May 21, and their 18th birthday occurs by June 5th, they can go into the Registrar’s office to get a provisional ballot
    6. Put sign on the table to tell about the provisional ballot
  1. Our Revolution Phone Bank
    1. Calling for Swing Left Dist 10
      1. Bring your laptop
      2. Tony has a personal WiFi hotspot
    2. Get help for Nevada against Senator Heller (R)
    3. Meeting every Monday at SEIU 1021 6:30 to 8:30
    4. Also calling for John Haschak
  • Ballot question: Who is Blue?
    1. Helen supports Delaine Easton for Governor, Jeff Bleisch is brilliant for Lieutenant Governor, Betty Yee is running for re-election for Comptroller, Theona Ma for Treasurer (former Board of Equalization member), Malia Cohen for Board of Equalization, Tony Thurmond for Superintendent of Schools, Alex Padilla running for SOS re-election, Atty General Xavier Becerra is suing the federal government for a lot of issues; Dave Jones is opponent formerly of Lisnick public defenders services and progressive and personable. Helen endorsed Dave Jones. Ricardo Lara for insurance commissioner.
    2. Robin favors John Chiang for governor
    3. All top races are only the top 2 vote getters
    4. The only candidate endorsed by Bernie Sanders is Gayle McLaughlin, NPP, for Lieutenant Governor
  • 3 openings coming on the Ukiah City Council
    1. Dates to file to run for City Council is July 16 to August 10
    2. Val wants to do another candidate running for office education class
    3. Mo Mulheren, Jim Brown & Kevin Doble are the open seats
  • Michelle Hutchens endorsement discussion
    1. We endorsed her and so did the CC
    2. She presents herself well in interviews and debates
    3. Someone sent Tamar a long list of specific issues with Michelle
    4. She has a lot of courage to run for office with a no confidence vote
    5. Tony has received a lot of negative input from parents from AV
    6. Jim said the endorsement of Michelle at the CC also caused an upheaval even though there are 3 union members on the CC
    7. At the CC meeting which endorsed Michelle, a month later, about 8 elementary school teachers and the CTA rep asked they rescind their endorsement of Michelle
    8. If we made a mistake and didn’t do our due diligence, it is better not to change and just use it as a learning experience
    9. We didn’t ask the teachers union first. We are re-doing our endorsement process to correct for these mistakes.
    10. There ought to be a ongoing formal liaison between the Dems and the unions
    11. Joe is against a liaison. The unions are all fighting and don’t endorse the same candidates. A liaison will be tokenism. The liaison job would be the union agenda.  Our job is the election.
  • Chris Skyhawk for 5th District Supervisor discussion
    1. Chris has been endorsed by Jared Huffman
    2. South Coast Democratic Club put an eloquent statement on their FB page that we didn’t endorse
    3. Tony offered the motion last month not to endorse anyone in the 5th He now moves and Judy 2nd to reconsider the no endorsement of the 5th dist
      1. 14 in favor, no nays, no abstentions
    4. Tony moves to endorse Chis Skyhawk, 2nd by Jim
      1. His is long renowned for his good work
      2. He is the most knowledgeable and compassionate candidate full of integrity
  • Joe Wildman has known him over 20 years, worked together for Measure H, endorsed by several unions, is a volunteer firefighter
  1. Steve said Chris discussed for months in advance about running for Supervisor with his buddy Ted Williams, who has run to split the vote.
  2. Alan Rodier is also a good candidate; the choice is difficult
  3. 12 in favor or endorsing Chris Skyhawk, no nays, 2 abstentions
  • Plan to close School St. Thursday Night Market on the 2nd Thursday from 5-8. Should we change our night?  Not now.
  • Use Measure Y funds to widen Perkins. Measure Y is to fix the potholes. Mo Mulharen was in favor of Measure Y, and now is in favor of reallocating the funds to widen Perkins.  Tamar will ask Mo Mulheren to come talk about Measure Y.
  • Recruit help looking for a storefront for our headquarters. Rent ~ $1000/mo.
  • Treasurer’s Report
    1. $ 5595 in checking
    2. $ 2013.09 in the savings account
  • Report on the many fundraiser ideas
    1. LLG in Willits on August 11, Chon Travis is available.Chon may have his own lighting and sound system.
    2. Food concession? Silent auction? Raffle?
    3. Ask from the members
    4. Ask from the politicians – letters were already sent to them requesting money
  • CA Democratic Council provides support – Judy is opposed to them
    1. Fred may volunteer to update the website
    2. Tamar will email Fred the instructions to log on
  • Review of CADem Platform: 1st plank – Business & Economy – tabled

Next meeting 5:30pm, Thursday, June 14 at the room behind the Yokayo Lounge at the bowling alley.

Inland Mendocino Democratic Club Meeting

June 14, 2018: 5:30 PM at the Ukiah Bowling Alley

Tonight’s Agenda: Inland Mendocino Democratic Club Meeting

Tonight’s Agenda: Inland Mendocino Democratic Club Meeting

Thursday, March 8th
Alley Bar & Lounge
1401 N. State St., Ukiah
5:30 – 7:30 pm

Committee Reports: Voter registration, housing, financial

Anthony’s request for phone banking headsets

Knock on doors for healthcare, March 10th from 11-3:00 pm. (Gathering at Black Oak Coffee)

Fundraising! We need to set a date and get a band…

Actions with the uprising youth! March 24th, April 20th?

6:30 David Braun!!! David is a very dynamic speaker and a passionate advocate for Mother Earth!

Inland Mendocino Democratic Club Meeting

We have a great meeting coming up on the 8th!

February 8th
Alley Lounge
1401 N. State St. Ukiah
5:30 – 6:30 pm

We have some business of planning 2018 to attend to. We will be addressing a bylaws addition, and will also be confirming our VP & Treasurer!

IN ADDITION!! We will have a speaker discussing SB562. There is a healthcare committee meeting in Sacramento on the 7th that Carolyn will brief us on!

Carolyn Bowden has been with California Nurses
Association for 8 years as a community organizer, working with community groups and nurses on issues of healthcare and social justice. She has dedicated her time this year to the Healthy California Campaign, fighting for SB562 … the Healthy California Act. Since 1976 she has volunteered for progressive initiatives and candidates, including 2016 when she volunteered extensively for the Bernie Sanders Campaign.

Before working with CNA she worked as an organizer and representative for the IATSE. Her duties included organizing the technical workers of live television shows, sports broadcasts, stage events, and small film productions. She also negotiated first contracts and assisted some Bay Area IATSE locals when they faced difficult employers. Prior to working with the IASTE, she was a sound mixer for television.

Website with information about SB562