Club Membership

Joining the Inland Mendocino Democratic Club is a great way to be actively involved in the Democratic Party and participate in political decisions at the local, state and national levels! Your annual fee goes to our “war chest” to help vet and endorse local issues and democrats running for office in Mendocino County.

Any individual meeting the following requirements shall be a member of the Inland Mendocino Democratic Club:

  1. The person is registered as a affiliated with the Democratic Party
  2. Membership dues are current
  3. Family Membership shall have family members residing at the same address; each member shall each have voting rights, and shall receive on mailing.

Membership Dues

  1. Individual membership dues shall be $30.00 annually
  2. Family membership dues shall be $45.00 annually.
  3. All dues shall be payable July 1st each year.