Club Bylaws


Section 1. Name
The name of this organization shall be the Inland Mendocino Democratic Club.

Section 2. Purpose
a. The mission of the Inland Mendocino Democratic Club is to empower the people of Mendocino County to improve the quality of their lives by participation in political decisions at the local, state, and national levels through active involvement in the Democratic Party.
b. These By-Laws shall govern the organization, operation, and functions of the Inland Mendocino Democratic Club.

Section 1. Membership
Any individual meeting the following requirements shall be a member in good standing of the Inland Mendocino Democratic Club:
a. The person is registered as a member of the Democratic Party
b. Membership dues are current
c. Family Membership shall have family members residing at the same address; each member shall each have voting rights, and shall receive one mailing.

Section 2: Membership Dues
a. Dues shall be set by the Executive Committee in June for the year beginning in July.
b. All dues shall be payable July 1st each year.

Section 3: Club representation at pre-endorsement conference
a. The club will elect representatives at the meeting prior to the deadline for submitting representatives to the regional director.
b. Any member in good standing can stand for election to the pre-endorsement conference.
c. The number of representatives to be elected is based on rules of the state party.

Section I: Officers
a. The officers shall consist of: President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer.
b. All officers shall be current members of the club.

Section 2. Description of Duties
a. The President shall have the general powers and duties of management usually vested in the office of President of an organization. The President shall direct and execute the policies of the Executive Committee. The President shall preside at all meetings of the Membership and Executive Committee.

b. The Vice-President shall assist the President in the performance of that office. In the event of the absence of the President or a vacancy in the office, the Vice-President shall assume all the duties and powers of the President, until the vacancy is filled.

c. The Secretary shall take minutes, maintain an accurate record of the proceedings of the membership and Executive Committee meetings and be responsible for all official correspondence. The Secretary shall maintain a book containing minutes of all meetings.

d. D. The Treasurer shall present a financial report to the regularly scheduled Executive Committee meetings and to the regular membership meetings and have the books available for inspection upon written request. All disbursements shall be made upon approval of the Executive Committee.

e. E. If the President and the Vice-President are absent from a regularly scheduled meeting, first the Secretary and then the Treasurer shall preside over said meeting.

Section 3: Election of Officers
a. The officers shall be elected by a majority vote of the membership in attendance at one of the membership meetings and shall take office the first of the month following the election. The officers so elected shall hold office at the pleasure of the membership.
b. Term of Office: Officers shall hold office for a minimum of 2 years and shall expire on a staggered schedule. Terms shall expire the last day February. . Current elected officers shall have their terms expire as follows: President and Secretary terms shall expire in 2005 and odd numbered years thereafter. The Vice President and Treasurer terms shall expire in 2005 and even numbered years thereafter. Officers may be re-elected for a maximum of 4 consecutive terms.
c. Nominations. For the annual membership meeting, the Executive Committee shall nominate a slate of all expiring officers’ positions. In addition, any member may run for office by submitting their name in writing to the Executive Committee within thirty (30) days prior to the membership meeting. All candidates shall meet eligibility criteria at the time of submitting their name. The executive Committee slate of candidates and a list of all other candidates shall be distributed to the membership via e-mail, fax of mail at least fifteen (15) days prior to the election date.
d. Vacancies: Vacancy of any current officer position may be filled by election or by appointment as determined by the Executive Committee. In the case of a vacancy of the President, the Vice President shall assume the position of President until the vacancy is filled by either Special Election or the membership meeting. Vacancies of the Executive Committee shall be filled by either Special Meeting or at a regularly scheduled membership meeting.

Section 1: Membership meetings
a. Regular membership meetings will be held at least semi-annually (Jan-June; July-December).
b. Notice of the agenda must be given to all members at least fifteen (15) days in advance of the meeting date via e-mail, mail or fax.

Section 2: Special Meetings
a. Called by Executive Committee: Special meetings may be called by a majority of the executive Committee.
b. Called by Membership: Membership-called special meetings shall be by-written request to the Executive Committee. The request for the special meeting shall state the issues for the special meeting.
c. Notice shall be given to all members at least fifteen (15) days in advance of the special meeting date via e-mail, mail or fax

Section 3: Agenda
The Executive Committee shall be responsible for the agenda. Any member may request an agenda item be added to the regularly scheduled meeting agenda by contacting an Executive Committee member at least thirty (30) days prior to the meeting.

Section 4: Executive Committee Meetings
The Executive Committee shall meet quarterly, at a minimum, on a regular scheduled date, time and location.

Section 1: Membership of Executive Committee
The executive Committee shall be comprised of all elected officers and 3 elected members-at-large. Each member of the Committee shall be eligible to vote on Committee decisions.

Section 2: Powers
All organizational powers shall be exercised by or under the authority of, and the business and affairs of this organization shall be controlled by the Executive Committee.

Section 3: Executive Committee Meetings
Regular meetings shall be held at least once each quarter. The Committee shall identify a regular date and time for such meetings.

Section 4: Special Meetings
Special meetings may be called by the President or a majority of the Executive Committee, provided notice is given to all members of the Executive Committee at least seven (7) days in advance via e-mail, fax or mail.

Section 5: Agenda
a. Seven (7) days prior to all meetings, each Executive Committee member shall be sent an agenda via email, fax or mail.
b. The President shall be responsible for the agenda. Any member may place an item on the agenda by contacting the President no less than fifteen (15) days prior to the meeting. Issues may be added from the floor and will be added as new business.

Section 6: Quorum
A quorum of the Executive Committee shall be either the presence of five (5) members or a majority of its members, whichever is the lesser.

Section 1: Establishment of Committees
The Executive Committee shall establish ad hoc committees it deems necessary to achieve organizational objectives.

Section 2: Powers and Duties of Chairpersons
The Chairpersons of the ad hoc committees may appoint committee members, set committee goals in coordination with the Executive Committee members, and shall direct the activities of the committee to achieve such goals.

Section 1: Robert’s Rules of Order, Revised
The membership and Executive Committee meetings shall be governed by the most recent edition of Robert’s Rules of Order.

Section 2: Voting
a. Voting on all issues may be taken by secret ballot, roll call, voice or show of hands. Voting shall be monitored so that only members in good standing are voting.
b. Voting on the election of officers shall be by secret ballot, roll call, voice, or show of hands.

Section 1: These by-laws may be amended by a sixty (60%) percent vote of those paid members in good standing present and voting at a regular meeting of the membership provided.
a. Changes are proposed via e-mail, fax or mail prior to the membership meeting at least fifteen (15) days prior.

Section 2: By-Laws or any amendments thereto shall go into effect immediately upon their adoption.